Fitness Entrepreneur, NASM-CPT, Nutritionist, Model

Say hello to Sofia Rodriguez, creator and owner of KCsoFIT Online Training, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. With years of experience, knowledge about fitness, nutrition and an NPC Bikini athlete, Sofia offers personal training, online coaching, and custom workouts as well as competition prep. Having helped hundreds of clients over the years leading them to success, Sofia creates programs that are appropriate to the client’s age, body type, health issues and fitness goals. Sofia has a Bachelor of Communication Studies from The University of Kansas and is a huge advocate and DIE HARD Chiefs fan.



  • Leah H.

    "A very special thank you to my coach & trainer Sofia Rodriguez for leading the way and giving me the map to SUCCEED!! There is NO WAY I could have started or kept going without her guidance. She is so knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. She’ll get you where you want to be. Thank you – Thank you – Thank you Sofia!"
  • Meagan B.

    "Before I started training with Sofia I thought I was pretty healthy. I was a runner and I ate fairly good (or so I thought). After I had my second kid the weight would not come off. No matter what I tried. I decided to sign up with Sofia to learn more about fitness and to get in better shape. I had no idea how much she would change my life. Sofia is so encouraging, funny and extremely knowledgeable. Making the decision to train with her was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She literally changed my life. You will not regret working with her. She is hands down amazing!"
  • Susan T.

    "Over the past several years I have continued to train with her online. I had a couple of setbacks due to some health issues and suffered a period of weight gain, however, she helped me through it. She worked with me individually and we created a program for me that included weight training, cardio, proper nutrition, and supplements that was appropriate for my age, body type, and health issues. Gradually the weight came off and I am now the leanest I have ever been. I have now competed in a total of four shows and I have placed in the top five in each one I have entered! Every time her advice has been incredibly accurate and beneficial."